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  2. Ms.OOJA "Baby Don't Know Why" MITOMI TOKOTO REMIX -Final Preview-

    This is the second time that I had the pleasure to work with Ms.OOJA who is one of Japan newest top singer! I did her big hit “LIFE” remix in 2011 and this time its “Baby Don’t Know Why” from her first album “Voice”!
    Now since Ms.OOJA have such a beautiful voice and her japanese lyrics are very touching, I decided to make the remix very melodious in the breaks so
    people can listen to her voice clearly and then as soon as the break end, here we go again with a more harder clubbing sound but still melodious!
    This remix was tested on the dancefloor of Japan biggest club ageHa while I was DJing and all the crowd was smiling so I guess the job is done! :)

    2011年に Ms.OOJA “LIFE” のリミックスを手がけてから、二度目のリミックスのお仕事をさせて頂きました。
    今回 REMIX したのは Ms.OOJA のファーストアルバム『Voice』に収録されている「Baby Don’t Know Why」で、歌詞も声もとても美しいので、ブレイクの所は声を際立せる様にし、ボーカルの後はクラブ向けのハードな音がスタートする作りになっています。
    このリミックスは、日本最大のクラブ ageHa でも一度プレイ済みですが、フロアのお客さんも皆笑顔になってくれました。

    See you on the dancefloor!!!


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    get used to being alone


    you’ll be alone your whole life.


    生活 (life)

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  4. In the evenings, before I went to sleep, and in the mornings, 
    in the moment I woke up, I realized I was praying for rain.

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